It’s Never to Soon to Become a Mentor

I'm a big fan of mentoring.  After all, I am your career mentor. Most of my readers think of mentoring from the receiving end -- someone mentors them. I'd like to encourage you think of it from the giving end -- mentoring others. It's never too soon ... [Continue Reading]

Build Your Network Before You Need It

  In addition to my work as your career mentor, I write for a publication called PM 360, a print magazine for marketing professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Here is my most recent PM 360 ... [Continue Reading]

Successful People Come Back Strong From Failures and Setbacks

Tweet 32 in my career mentoring book Success Tweets says... "Stuff happens as you go about creating your life and career success.  Choose to respond positively to the negative stuff that happens." Tweet 37 says... "It's not what happens to you, but how you ... [Continue Reading]

5 Attributes of Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotional intelligence is more than a buzz phrase.  It's an important key to creating a successful liked and career. This article describes five attributes of emotionally intelligent people.  It is written to help interviewers get a handle on the emotional ... [Continue Reading]

Be Open to New People and New Ideas

I stumbled upon a great little post called "100 Tips About Life People and Happiness. I'm sharing it here because there's some great life and career success advice in these 100 tips. There also is some that I think is just so so, but you can be judge of ... [Continue Reading]

What Ben Franklin Can Teach You About Using LinkedIn to Further Your Career

I love people who can connect up widely divergent ideas.  This article does just that.  It makes the point that Ben Franklin would have been an outstanding and prodigious user of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the go to social ... [Continue Reading]

Are You Gritty Enough for Success?

I often find material for this career mentor blog in movies. Did you ever see the movie "True Grit" -- the original with John Wayne or the remake with Jeff Bridges? Both of those guys did a great job playing Rooster Cogburn, a tough guy who helps a little ... [Continue Reading]

Have the Courage to Go After What You Want

I love career success stories.  I really love career success stories that share an idea that is easy to implement. The article below is one of those... I agree that it took courage to approach a ... [Continue Reading]

Become a Results Driven Leader

Chances are you read this career mentoring blog because you want to move into a leadership position at some point in the future. This Harvard Business Review article presents a listing of skills that all leaders need to ... [Continue Reading]

Are You a Daydream Believer?

Everybody knows that goal setting is important for you success. My career mentoring clients do This article argues that while it's important to set goals, it's more important to do the work necessary to accomplish ... [Continue Reading]