Common Sense Resume Tips

Your LinkedIn profile and resume are the first two things hiring managers will see about you.  This article focuses on five things you can do to get your resume noticed -- and get the interview. I ... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Fade Away

Douglas MacArthur was a US General in WWII.  He commanded US troops in the Pacific.  Among other things, he is famous for his bold statement "I shall return" when US troops were forced to evacuate the Philippines early in the war.  He also was headstrong and ... [Continue Reading]

The Absolute Worst Way to Find a Job

I got this email over the weekend. Hi, I would like to take the opportunity and apply for the position. I have 9 years of Customer/IT Technical Support Experience. I'm fluent in English both Oral/Written. I can easily adapt to my environment. I have 5 years ... [Continue Reading]

Number 1 Networking Secret: Pay It Forward

As a career mentor, I’m always looking for solid career advice to pass on to my subscribers. A while back, I read an article in the Denver Post Business Section titled “Few Bites Pop Up on Web; Link Up in Person.” My response – “duh.” Common sense says that ... [Continue Reading]

Staying Productive While You’re On the Road

Every once in a while I'm interviewed for a business publication.  Recently, I contributed to an article about staying productive while you're traveling that appeared on the Bank of America small business website. Check it ... [Continue Reading]

What To Do When You Just Don’t Like Someone

Did you ever run into a situation where you can't stand somebody -- but everybody else thinks he or she is really cool?  If so, you need to read this ... [Continue Reading]

How to Take Charge of Your Career

I work hard at empowering my career mentoring clients.  I want them to feel in charge of their lives and careers.  When you feel as if you're in charge, you're more confident.  Being confident allows you to stretch yourself and go beyond what you might think ... [Continue Reading]

Career Advice from the First Woman President of an Ivy League University

Judith Robin is the President of the Rockefeller Foundation.  Prior to that, she was the President of the University of Pennsylvania.  She was the first woman to be named President of an Ivy League University. Here are her three best pieces of career ... [Continue Reading]

Necessary Skills for the 2020 Worker

2020 is a not that far off -- just five years and two and half months.  I bring this up because of an important point I make frequently with my career mentoring clients.  You have to become a lifelong learner to succeed.  In today's fast paced world, standing ... [Continue Reading]

A Positive Routine Can Help You Work Your Best

Do you have a daily routine?  Or do you let the demands of the day rule your life? The author of this article suggests that building a positive daily routine will help you create the life and career success you want and ... [Continue Reading]