Opportunity Knocks in Strange Ways — You Need To Be Open To It

I read an article about Linda Heasley, the President and CEO of Lane Bryant.  She said something that struck me as particularly good career success advice... "Always be open to opportunity." "OK," you say, "What's the big deal?" The big deal is ... [Continue Reading]

Procrastination is the Physical Manifestation of Fear

Members of my career mentoring site have often heard me say that procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  It's true, we often put off doing something because we're afraid -- usually of failure or rejection. This article makes an important ... [Continue Reading]

You’re the Only One Who Is In Charge of Your Career Success

I send a motivational quote to members of my career mentoring site every day. Last Friday’s quote was from Earl Nightingale. Check it out… "The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. The driving force of a ... [Continue Reading]

How You Can Become a Very, Very, Very Good Communicator

Members of my career mentoring site know that I am a big believer in the power of communication and precision in language.  You ability to communicate well, in conversation, writing and presentations is an important key to your life and career success. This ... [Continue Reading]

How to Use LinkedIn to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Because I write this career success blog I get tons of press releases.  I ignore most of them.  But I received on the other day that really caught my eye.  It is about the launch of a no cost LinkedIn video training series.  If this series lives up to his ... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways You Can Succeed in Government Work

Most members of my career mentoring site overlook the opportunities involved in working in government.  Don't make this mistake.  Here are five tips on how to land a job in government. For anyone considering a career in government, you'll be pleased to know ... [Continue Reading]

Stay Curious My Friends

Brian Grazer is a Hollywood producer, best known for the Oscar he won for the movie A Beautiful Mind. He’s also a very curious guy. For many years he has conducted what he calls “Curiosity Conversations.” He has met a wide variety of famous and interesting ... [Continue Reading]

How to Make Regular Deposits to Your Emotional Bank Accounts

I was doing a talk at a very large bank the other day. During the talk, I brought up the point that doing for others with no expectation of return (paying it forward) is the best way to build the strong, mutually beneficial relationships that will help you ... [Continue Reading]

How to Spot an Abusive Boss

Things have a funny way of working out.  In yesterday's post I mentioned that members of my career mentoring site know that I am a big believer in lifelong learning and that reading widely is a great way to become a lifelong learner. Recently, someone ... [Continue Reading]

Reading and Lifelong Learning

Members of my career mentoring site know that I am a big believer in the power of lifelong learning.  I do my best to learn something new every day.  Some of these learnings are trivial, others can be quite profound.  The important thing is that I keep ... [Continue Reading]