I’m Almost Famous :)

Recently, I've been featured in a number of different media outlets. I commented on networking mistakes in the Carol Roth blog.  http://www.carolroth.com/blog/networking-mistakes/ I was interviewed for a Jenningswire podcast on the subject of life and ... [Continue Reading]

Focus on What You Can Control And You’ll Succeed

As members of my career mentoring site know I teach in the MBA program at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business.  As they also know, I’m a big sports fan.  That’s why I was really pleased when the DU Men’s Soccer Coach, Jamie Franks the youngest ... [Continue Reading]

Navigating Career Opportunities for Your Ideal Position

Technology has changed the way we network forever. Apps offered by Linkedin, Monster and Craigslist have brought the job search to cell phones and allow you to find opportunities like never before. But the key is persistence. If you spend just a few hours a ... [Continue Reading]

Better Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed in a Competitive Market

In today's challenging job market, it is more important than ever to have a resume that stands out. Employers often receive hundreds or even thousands of applications for jobs in the most competitive industries. Help your resume make it to the top of the stack ... [Continue Reading]

How to Answer the Question: ‘Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?’

"Why do you want to work for our company?" is an interview question that many members of my career mentoring site have a difficult time answering.  My friend Christine Allen has some great thoughts on this topic and she has agreed to share them here... A ... [Continue Reading]

How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done

Working more doesn't necessarily equal success. Learn how to work less, and also work smarter! Take a look at this infographic from Blogtreprenur for some tips on how to work less, work smarter, and achieve greater success. ... [Continue Reading]

How to Land Your Dream Job by Perfecting Your Salesmanship

These days, landing your dream job is a little harder than before. Employers have a larger list of candidates at hand, so the expectations are consequently higher. This sudden transparency between recruiter-candidate is due to the online world. It is easy for ... [Continue Reading]

How to Put Yourself in Line for a Promotion

Getting promoted takes much more than simply heading to work and putting in the long hours. A management team must see an employee as an invaluable asset that will inspire growth from the moment they move up. Whether you are hoping to simply change to a new ... [Continue Reading]

Is It Time for a Pivot in Your Career?

If you’ve got the perfect job or business, congratulations. But if you are even a little bit uncertain that your current gig is the right fit, it is time to start thinking about your next move. In the new world of work, it’s the only move that ... [Continue Reading]

Priceless Advice on How to Deal With a Career Crisis and Successfully Manage Your Finances

Chances are that a career crisis will eventually hit you, as it does most people at one point in their life. It’s a worldwide occurrence, and numerous employees experience it, even those in higher positions. They find themselves questioning matters related to ... [Continue Reading]