Do Presentations Freak You Out? Try Toastmasters

Members of my career mentoring site often ask for my advice on communication skills. They know that all successful people are dynamic communicators and that all dynamic communicators are highly skilled public speakers. But fear of public speaking is an ... [Continue Reading]

How to be Assertive, Not Aggressive

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How to Become a Better Human Being

Over the years I’ve learned that I don’t have a monopoly on good ideas when it comes to life and career success. I’m always looking for good ideas that come from other people. That’s why I subscribe to a number of newsletters and ezines. I want to bring as ... [Continue Reading]

Five Phrases That Will Help You Become More Influential

It's not secret, I tell members of my career mentoring site all the time -- if you want to create the life and career success you deserve, you need to become a person of influence.  That's why I really like this ... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways Giving Back to the Community Benefits Your Career

For most businesses, the local community is a source of valuable employees and revenue that helps the company to grow. Business professionals and companies often look for ways to give back to the community as a show of appreciation, but supporting the local ... [Continue Reading]

How You Can Become the Most Memorable Person at a Networking Event

Many members of my career mentoring site tell me that while they know they should continually build their networks, they feel uncomfortable at networking events.  They just don't know how to engage strangers in conversation.  The article below gives you three ... [Continue Reading]

Why You Should Always Use Plain English in Your Business Communications

Kay Hutchings-Olsson is my go to person when it comes to writing.  She is so awesome, that she found a typo in this post and sent me an email so I could fix it. Good writing can help you get the job you want, and then succeed once you're in it.  She is an ... [Continue Reading]

Stories Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Members of my career mentoring site that their ability to create and deliver dynamic presentations is an important key to your life and career success. Many careers have been made on the strength of one or two great presentations. Stories are the best way ... [Continue Reading]

Build Strong Relationships by Sending Positive Micro Messages

As I mentioned in my birthday post, and as members of my career mentoring site know, relationships are an important key to your life and career success. Tweets 121 – 140 in my career advice book Success Tweets deal with the importance of relationship ... [Continue Reading]

I’m 65 Today — and I Have a Birthday Present for You

Today is my 65th birthday. I was born on August 14, 1950 – that’s a long time ago. There are certain advantages to being 65. My health care costs have been lowered significantly as I’m now on Medicare. I get a free gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness. I get ... [Continue Reading]