The Importance of Paying It Forward

I'm taking a few days off this week -- doing some biking in the mountains of Colorado. But, because I'm a conscientious career mentor, I didn't want to leave you hanging. So I'll be posting some of my videos today, tomorrow and ... [Continue Reading]

New Video: What to Look for in a Mentor

Because I'm a career mentor, I am frequently asked what to look for in a mentor. I've received so many requests that I decided to post a short video detailing what you should be looking for in a mentor. Check it ... [Continue Reading]

You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

I always tell my career mentoring clients that they don't need a formal leadership title to lead. The article below lays out five keys to leadership success. You can put them to work in your life ... [Continue Reading]

25 Things To Do To Create Your Career Success

I've been blogging about life and career success for almost 10 years now.  Recently I took a look at some of my most reposted career mentor posts. "25 Things to do to Create Your Career Success" was and is one of the most popular.  Even though it might anger ... [Continue Reading]

How to Jumpstart Your Career Success Using LinkedIn

When someone contacts me -- your career mentor -- for career advice, the first thing I do is check out him or her on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become to go to place for finding out about people. Recruiters use it.  Employers use it.  People use it to check ... [Continue Reading]

Career Advice from the CEO of the National Geographic Society

Your career mentor is always on the lookout for great career advice.  I found some in an interview with Gary Knell, CEO of National Geographic. Here are his best three piece of life and career success advice... Disrupt yourself or you will be ... [Continue Reading]


Your career mentor is always looking for interesting ideas to share with you. I saw this headline in an email I received from Kevin Eikenberry... OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE How did you read this? Opportunity is nowhere? or Opportunity is now here? I ... [Continue Reading]

What To Do After a Networking Event.

I always tell my career mentoring clients that networking is important to your life and career success. My friend, Kathy Caprino suggests that you should pit in t30 minutes a day making new connections on LinkedIn and regularly attend networking ... [Continue Reading]

The Key to Effective Networking? Pay It Forward

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for solid career advice to pass on to you. A while back, I read an article in the Denver Post Business Section titled “Few Bites Pop Up on Web; Link Up in Person.” My response – “duh.” Common sense says that you can’t ... [Continue Reading]

The One Thing You Need to Do to Ace Any Interview

Interviewing is stressful.  And as this article points out, sometimes you get questions that are designed to trip you up. Your career mentor has a simple solution ... [Continue Reading]