Ever Thought About Opening a Restaurant? Read This…

Five Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make The restaurant industry is no walk in the park. Statistics aren’t kind to restauranteurs looking to make it big in this competitive sector; 60% of restaurants are failing within their first three years, a number ... [Continue Reading]

Four Tips for Expanding Your Career

I get lots of requests from people who would like to guest post here.  I turn down many of them.  But I like this article on expanding your career written by Brooke Chaplan.  Check it out... These days, many people are interested in learning how they can ... [Continue Reading]

How to Build Strong Relationships

Members of my career mentoring site know that I believe that strong, mutually beneficial relationships are the key to your success.  Here are four tips for building those types of relationships. Be honest -- Do what you say you'll do.  Deliver on your ... [Continue Reading]

Gossip Will Destroy the Brand You’ve Worked Hard to Build

A couple of years ago I received a press release from Randstaad USA that I saved.  The press release focused on a study they did that identified the Top 7 Pet Peeves in the Workplace.  Here they are, with the percentage of people who identified each pet ... [Continue Reading]

Your Personal Values and Your Career Success

You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.  If you know your rock and roll, you know that line comes from a John Mellencamp song – one of my favorites.  And it’s true.  You, me, all of us, need to stand for something if we’re going to ... [Continue Reading]

Respect Others and They Will Respect You

Several years ago, I was in New York City and had dinner with Gary Steele, a close friend.  Gary is an interesting guy.  He had plenty of opportunities to play major college football, but he chose service and enrolled at the United States Military Academy.  He ... [Continue Reading]

How You Can Defeat Your Fears

Members of my career mentoring site have often heard me say that procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  Some of them are embarrassed about their fears.  I tell them that there is no need to be embarrassed about your fears. Fear is normal.  ... [Continue Reading]

Information About Pre Employment Background Checks That You Need to Know

The Muse is one of my go to sites for interesting articles on career success.  This morning they published an article on background checks and their role in the hiring process.  You can see it here. Even if you're completely honest on your resume, have no ... [Continue Reading]

How to Become a Great Presenter

So you’ve been asked to do a presentation.  How do you start? Fire up PowerPoint of course.  Everybody uses PowerPoint so it must be the best way to create and deliver presentations.  Not so, says my friend Kevin Eikenberry.  Recently Kevin wrote a blog post ... [Continue Reading]

An Inspirational Story

I used to work as a coach with a career coaching company called CareerHMO.  I left them reluctantly because of other commitments.  Even though I am no longer affiliated with CareerHMO I recommend them highly. While I was working with CareerHMO, I got to know ... [Continue Reading]