10 Types of People You Need In Your Network

Building a robust network is key to professional success. The following infographic can help guide your journey as you think about growing your network and establishing strategic relationships. Infographic courtesy of Lucas Bazemore: ... [Continue Reading]

How a Healthcare MBA Can Help Your Career

There are plenty of struggles that you are bound to face in life. When you have been stuck working the same job for many years, it can wear on you. Growth is important for the spirit, and for the mind. If you do not make a change, you could find yourself ... [Continue Reading]

Developing the Leadership Skills You Need to Succeed

No matter what your life is like, everyone can benefit from developing leadership skills. Even if you are not in charge of managing others in your business life, developing better leadership skills can help balance your personal life. You will command respect ... [Continue Reading]

First Steps in Starting a Business

For many would-be entrepreneurs, not knowing what to do stops their business before it starts. One out of four Americans have considered starting a business but decided not to, a Gallup poll found. When asked what held them back, 49 percent said they had an ... [Continue Reading]

4 Trust Builders for Experts

When positioning yourself as an expert, it's important to build your clients' trust. Follow these four steps to gain trust and increase your presence in your field of influence. ... [Continue Reading]

The Most Important Customer Service Skills

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What to Wear at Work

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Success Advice From a Hall of Fame Football Coach

Bill Snyder is the head football coach at Kansas State.  He is in the College Football Hall of Fame.  He took a woebegone Kansas State program and turned it into a winning program.  He's been on the job there for over 25 years. I was watching a the Kansas ... [Continue Reading]

Fake It Till You Make It

I did a talk on self confidence at a local bank this week.  I highlighted some of the advice in Tweet 54 in Success Tweets. “Fake it till you make it.  Appear to be self-confident and others will treat you as if you are.  In turn, this will boost your ... [Continue Reading]

Fear Leads to Procrastination Which Leads to Failure

I am doing a talk on self-confidence at a local bank tomorrow.  Whenever I do this talk I am reminded of an article I read a couple of years ago entitled “Addicted to Distraction.”  The author pointed out that the internet makes it easy for us to get ... [Continue Reading]