Your Chance toLook Great and Help People With Cancer Thrive in the Workplace

Besides being your career mentor, I am a cancer survivor.  So I am proud to work with Cancer and Careers ( a Cosmetic Executive Women foundation that empowers, educates and provides essential tools to people with cancer so that they ... [Continue Reading]

8 Qualities You Need to Create Your Life and Career Success

As a career mentor, I’m always looking for ideas to help my members move ahead in their lives and careers.  A while back, I saw an article on on the eight qualities employers most want in their employees. It makes for some interesting career success ... [Continue Reading]

7 Tips for Dealing With Negative People

As a career mentor, I’m a big believer in the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people.  Positive people help build your self-confidence and help you on your journey to life and career success.  Many of the members of my career mentor site tell ... [Continue Reading]

10 Steps for Becoming a Dynamic Presenter

As a career mentor, I’m often asked for my advice on communication skills. Last week I did a post on listening.  Today, I'd like to focus on public speaking. All successful people are dynamic communicators. All dynamic communicators are highly skilled ... [Continue Reading]

Listening Can Help You Become Indispensable

As a career mentor, I'm constantly reading to make sure that I can bring my subscribers new and insightful information.  My friends at Walk the Talk have come out with a new book, Indispensable!  It has a lot of great information in how to make yourself ... [Continue Reading]

How to Build the Strong Relationships That Will Help You Create Your Life and Career Success

Strong, lasting mutually beneficial relationships are an important key to your life and career success.  But building these types of relationships can be difficult.  As a career mentor, I'm often asked about how to create strong business relationships. To ... [Continue Reading]

Think You’d Like to Work from Home? Read This

Lots of people tell me that they would like to work from home.  I’ve been doing this for over 26 years and it works for me.  But it may not work for you. As a career mentor, I'm always looking for information that can help my readers.  Recently, I came ... [Continue Reading]

Use Stories to Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Your ability to create and deliver dynamic presentations is an important key to your life and career success.  Many careers have been made on the strength of one or two great presentations. Stories are the best way to make your presentations come alive.  We ... [Continue Reading]

Success: A Little Bit of Luck, A Lot of Planning and Follow Through

I have a bad (or good) habit of reading anything that has words – cereal boxes, labels on the hot sauce bottles in a Mexican restaurant, ads, whatever).  The other day, I bought a bottle of Ethos Water at a Starbucks and spent as much time reading the label as ... [Continue Reading]

Stay Above the Line for Success

Members of my site get two interviews a month.  One is with a senior executive at a large company, or a successful entrepreneur.  I call this series of interviews “C Suite.”  The other interview is with a career coach.  I call this series of interviews ... [Continue Reading]