Leadership and Organizational Values

Most of my career mentor posts focus on getting a good job and doing well in it. But when you do well you’re likely to get promoted into a leadership position. This being the case, I’ve decided to begin writing some posts on how to succeed as a leader. This is ... [Continue Reading]

A Reminder: Crack the Leadership Code: Lead with Confidence, Inspire Performance and Make a Difference Begins on Monday July 21

Crack the Leadership Code: Lead with Confidence, Inspire Performance and Make a Difference Hosted by Dr. Michelle Pizer The 21-day event begins on July 21st, and it is FREE! Click here to reserve your seat! <www.cracktheleadershipcode.com> We ... [Continue Reading]

Courage and Personal Responsibility

You know that as your career mentor, I’m always on the lookout for solid life and career success advice. I have some more for you today. It comes from my friend Eric Harvey. Eric is the CEO of Walk the Talk Company and the author of several great ... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Being Likable

Besides being your career mentor, I'm on the editorial board of a print magazine called PM 360.  It's devoted to brand managers in the pharmaceuticals and medical device industries.  Here's a recent article I wrote for them... A couple of years ago, Ben ... [Continue Reading]

#1 Secret For An Interview-Snatching Phone Screening

Phone screening interviews can be difficult and stressful. Often they come out of nowhere, but you better be ready to step up and get the job done. In this case, getting the job done means getting yourself invited to an in person interview with the ... [Continue Reading]

Write Your Way to the Top

One of the things that I’ve learned as a career mentor is that good writing will set you apart and put you on the road to the life and career success you want and deserve.  Most unsuccessful people are poor writers.  They are unclear.  They ramble.  Their ... [Continue Reading]

It’s Nice to be Important, It’s More Important to be Nice

A couple of years ago, Lydia Ramsey and I have published a career advice book: Success Tweets for Creating Positive Personal Impact.   It’s about business etiquette. You can get a copy at ... [Continue Reading]

20 Words for a Successful Life

As your career mentor, I'm always looking for helping life and career success information. Tony Jeary is known as The Results Guy. I am a subscriber to his ‘newsletter. Yesterday he sent out a post entitled “The 20 Most Powerful Words for a Successful ... [Continue Reading]

How to Deal With Negative People

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for good ideas on life and career success. A while back I came across an interesting article that contained some great career advice from Lori Radun called “7 Ways to Deal With the Negative People in Your Life.” As you ... [Continue Reading]

Optimism and the Fourth of July

We’re coming up on the Fourth of July; Independence Day in the USA. If you read this career mentor blog with any regularity, you know that I’m a big believer in the power of optimism. The Fourth of July always makes me reflect on those folks who signed the ... [Continue Reading]