Three Steps for Mastering Any Skill

Bob Bly is a pretty cool guy -- and a great copywriter.  I subscribe to his email newsletter to learn how to improve my writing.  Bob also has some great insights into other things as well.  Yesterday, he sent an email in which he explained his thoughts on how ... [Continue Reading]

Career Advice from the CEO of SanDisk

Sanjay Mehrotra and two other immigrants, Eli Harari and Jack Yuan founded SanDisk in 1988.  SanDisk is an innovative company.  They were the first to produce USB flash drives -- which made floppy disks obsolete.  Their microSD card is the world's highest ... [Continue Reading]

What To Do When You Manage to Tick Off Your Boss

I was interviewed by a Laura McMullen, a reporter for US News and World Report the other day for an article she was doing on what to do when you tick off your boss. You can see Laura's article ... [Continue Reading]

What to Look For in a Job

I encourage my career mentoring clients to take charge of their job search, to figure out exactly the kind of company where they want to work.  This is empowering.  It puts you in the driver's seat.  Not every job and not every company will be right for ... [Continue Reading]

How to Use Rejection to Create Your Success

Rejection sucks.  It hurts.  No one likes to be rejected.  On the other hand, rejection provides you with an opportunity to learn and grow and move forward in your career success journey.  This article lays out four good ideas on how to use rejection to create ... [Continue Reading]

10 Smart Interviewing Tips

You have to work hard to get an interview.  Once you get one, don't blow it.  This article lists 10 things you'll want to avoid in any job interview. Most of these are common sense, but I've stopped being surprised when ... [Continue Reading]

Learn As If You’re Going To Live Forever

My career mentoring clients will tell you that I am a big believer in the importance of lifelong learning.  I try to learn something new -- however small or trivial -- every day. Some folks tell me that they would like to focus on learning, but they're ... [Continue Reading]

How to Impress Your Boss

One of the biggest myths regarding career success is "Good performance is enough."  Good performance is NOT enough.  It is merely the price of admission to the life and career success sweepstakes. People who get ahead have mastered a set of career ... [Continue Reading]

Questions to Ask a Potential Employer

When you are interviewing for a job, you need to impress the hiring manager.  You're there to sell yourself, plain and simple.  But you shouldn't approach an interview as a supplicant.  You need to have enough confidence to show a prospective employer that you ... [Continue Reading]

Common Sense Resume Tips

Your LinkedIn profile and resume are the first two things hiring managers will see about you.  This article focuses on five things you can do to get your resume noticed -- and get the interview. I ... [Continue Reading]