Focus, Focus, Focus

Tweet 86 in Success Tweets says, "Stay focused.  Don't get distracted. Treat time like the precious commodity that it is." This article provides some helpful hints for maintaining focus in a world full of ... [Continue Reading]

Focus on Self Management, Not Time Management, To Get More Done

Besides being a career mentor, I am on the editorial board of PM 360, a print magazine for pharmaceutical and medical device marketing professionals.  I contribute an article every other month. Here is the article I've written that appears in the January ... [Continue Reading]

Care Enough To Do Your Very Best

The other day I saw a quote from Sam Parker… “Work in a way that has people continually thinking of ways to keep you, rather than reasons to keep you.” Sam is the founder of Give More Media and a very smart guy. I particularly like this quote because it ... [Continue Reading]

How to Make Your Job More Satisfying and Rewarding

Many of my career mentoring clients tell me that they  don't enjoy their work.  They find going to work every day to be drudgery. This article spells out three ways you can take charge of you job and enjoy it ... [Continue Reading]

Seven Success Secrets

As a career mentor, I'm all about helping people achieve the life and career success they want and deserve.  That's why this article caught my eye.  Check it ... [Continue Reading]

Getting to the Other Side

Gary Ryan Blair is a friend of mine.  His book, Everything Counts, is one of my favorite personal development books.  Gary has a way of taking the mundane and turning it into serious life lessons.  Yesterday I received an email from Gary which he began with ... [Continue Reading]

Six Tips for Creating a Successful Life and Career

As a career mentor, I am always on the lookout for solid career advice from successful people. That’s why I was pleased to come across an article in which Kevin Costner, a pretty successful guy, laid out his rules for successful living. Check them ... [Continue Reading]

Build Your Network Before You Need It

Here's a short video that JT O'Donnell, founder of Careerealism and CareerHMO has put together on the importance of networking. JT is right -- you shouldn't be networking only when you're looking for a ... [Continue Reading]

Fear Build Walls — and is a Career Success Killer

Recently, I picked up a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine when I was in the airline club. The cover story was called “Face Down Your Fears.” Amy Cooper, Entrepreneur Editor in Chief had this to say in her column. “It all boils down to this. When fear shows up and ... [Continue Reading]

How to Have a Tough Conversation With a Teammate

No matter how good working relations are on your team, every once in a while you'll find that a colleague doesn't come through.  That's when you'll need to give him or her some feedback. This article, while written to leaders, gives you some great advice on ... [Continue Reading]