Your Career Is Like A Garden. Tend It Well

Cynthia Brian is a friend.  Her mission in life is to help young people get a good start in life by building their self-esteem.  I’m a big fan of her organization: Be the Star You Are. Sadly, her mother, Alice Abruzzini,  passed away this week.  Cynthia ... [Continue Reading]

How to Find a Job in Another Country.

Every once in a while, members of my career mentoring site have questions about working abroad.  So I turned to my friends at Neuvoo to get their take on it.  Here is what they had to say... Leaving your home, as well as your friends and family behind to ... [Continue Reading]

8 Things to Know When Enrolling in Online Graduate School

As readers of this blog and members of my career mentoring site know, I teach in an MBA program here in Denver.  I love being in the classroom, interacting with students.  However, I know that not everyone has the time to devote to a classroom based graduate ... [Continue Reading]

An Olympian Who Didn’t Win a Medal, But Never Quit

Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles are on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated.  And they should be all three of them dominated their sports at the Rio Olympics.  Between them, they won 16 medals: 13 gold, two silvers and one bronze.  Pretty ... [Continue Reading]

Computer Science Careers When You Don’t Want to Code

Typically, when someone mentions that they plan to study computer science, the assumption is that they want to work in computer programming, and spend their days writing code and building software systems. And while many people who go to the trouble to study ... [Continue Reading]

Want That Job? Interview With Enthusiasm

I read a blog post today that listed three things hiring managers discuss after they interview a client.  The first one had to do with the client’s enthusiasm for the job and company.  You can see the rest of the post here. Enthusiasm is important when ... [Continue Reading]

How to Deal With Rejection and Stay Positive During Your Job Hunt

Tweet 36 in my book Success Tweets says... "Don’t be afraid to fail.  You fail only if you don’t learn something from the experience.  Treat every failure as an opportunity to grow." Over the years several members of my career mentoring site have told me ... [Continue Reading]

Speaking Freely: 20 Tips for New Freelancers

Are you interested in becoming a freelancer? Looking for some advice? Check out this infographic! It lays out 20 tips to save you time, money, and your sanity. Infographic courtesy of Invoice2go. ... [Continue Reading]

Want to Succeed? Be Kind, Respect Others

Members of my career mentoring site will tell you that I am a big believer in the power of networking.  Strong networks help you find your dream job and then succeed once you’ve landed it.  When it comes to finding a job, especially by creating a strong ... [Continue Reading]

Career Mobility — How to Get to the Top

Some people think that if they aren't going forward in their career, they're probably going backward. As I've pointed out in other posts, this isn't true.  Lateral moves are often the way to the top.  Lateral moves can increase your value.  And increasing your ... [Continue Reading]