1 Really Bad Habit You Need to Break

I tell members of my career mentoring site that habits (both good and bad) are like muscles; the more you exercise them, the stronger they get.  That's why breaking a bad habit can be so difficult.  My friends at The Muse recently published an article listing ... [Continue Reading]

How to Create Positive Personal Impact

I advise members of my career mentoring site that it’s important to create positive personal impact. Face to face conversations are a great place to create positive personal impact. Here are some tips for doing so. Stand up straight when you meet ... [Continue Reading]

Everyone Has Something to Offer

As I watched the rugby world cup a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to write a couple of posts about life and career lessons I learned on the rugby pitch. Here is another one. If you look at a rugby side, you’ll notice that there are lots of different ... [Continue Reading]

How to Constructively Deal with Negative (and Positive) Feedback

Dan Rockwell writes a blog called Leadership Freak. One of his recent posts listed four steps for dealing with negative feedback. Expect to be held to high standards. Public behaviors may receive public feedback. Say, “Thank you,” when receiving ... [Continue Reading]

The Reasons Behind Some of Those Oddball Interview Questions

Job interviews can be stressful. You’re likely to get thrown a few curve balls, so it is best to be prepared. I read an interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week that mentioned the favorite questions eight senior hiring managers like to ask and why they ... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Let Fear Wall You Off From the Success You Deserve

Recently, I picked up an old issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. The cover story was called “Face Down Your Fears.” Amy Cooper, Entrepreneur Editor in Chief had this to say in her column. “It all boils down to this. When fear shows up and threatens your curiosity ... [Continue Reading]

It’s Up to You to Manage Your Reputation

One of my early mentors taught me the importance of reputation. She used to say, “At the end of the day Bud, all you have is your good name.” She was right. I’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation as an honest, reliable, helpful person. All in all, I ... [Continue Reading]

You’re In Charge of Your Mood

Recently I saw an Harvard Business Review article called "How to Turn Around a Bad Day."  I'm a pretty positive person, but I have my bad days, so I thought I would check out the article.  You can see it here. The article is quite lengthy, but it boils down ... [Continue Reading]

Consistency and Constancy are the Keys to Building Your Personal Brand

I tell members of my career mentoring site that a strong personal brand is important for their life and career success.  I make branding pretty simple... Figure out how you want others to think of you. Consistently and constantly act in a manner that ... [Continue Reading]

More Life and Career Success Advice From the Rugby Pitch

I did a blog post on Friday about the Rugby World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand. On Saturday, New Zealand won their third Rugby World Cup and second in a row. As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I’ve learned a lot of life and career success ... [Continue Reading]