Success Quote July 26, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.” Malcolm S. Forbes ... [Continue Reading]

How to Work With Different Kinds of Bosses

Has this ever happened to you? You love your job.  Things are going great  You get along very well with your boss.  Then he or she gets promoted and you get a new boss.  All of a sudden things start to go wrong.  You can't seem to get along with your new ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote July 25, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “Overcoming procrastination is not, I repeat, not about cramming additional work into your day . . . overcoming procrastination is about simplifying your life to make space for the activities that matter most.” Richie Norton ... [Continue Reading]

Take Some Time for the Beautiful

This is a career success blog.  Most people who read it are focused on creating their life and career success.  They work hard and keep pushing.  That's good.  Career success is a lifelong journey.  You have to keep at it. But, on the other hand, it's ... [Continue Reading]

7 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find Your Ideal Job

LinkedIn is the best professional network. Currently, there are over 500 million users and over three million active job openings. LinkedIn helps job seekers connect with HR managers, find jobs that are not published on job aggregaters, join communities where ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote July 24, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “If you are busy focusing on the falling bricks, you will never realize that they are truly stepping stones you need to cross over to the next phase of your life.” Kemi Sogunle ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote July 23, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “It was so risky and so scary, and yet at the same time, so beautiful. Maybe the truth was, it shouldn't be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It's the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote July 22, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” Molière ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote July 21, 2017

Think     Act     Succeed “I’m not the bravest or smartest person, but I’m courageous enough to dream big, challenge myself and take bold risks.” Richard Branson ... [Continue Reading]

How to Deliver Kick Ass Presentations

I'm off to do a talk on teams and teamwork today.  I like presenting.  I've made a career of it.  I'm looking forward to today's talk.  But I know that not everyone is like me.  That's why I like this infographic on presentations.  It has some great advice. ... [Continue Reading]