Crowd Source the Solution to Your Problems

I was looking through the October issue of SUCCESS Magazine, the one with Will I Am on the cover.  I loved an article called "Make Breakthroughs."  The author suggests that when you're struggling with a problem you should send an email to several of your ... [Continue Reading]

A Career Lesson from Elton John

I was driving up Interstate 4 from Tampa to Orlando listening to the rock and roll station a while back. One song ended and the disc jockey said something like this, “The next song is from a performer who, back in 1967, auditioned to replace Stevie Winwood as ... [Continue Reading]

The Difference Between a Mentor and a Sponsor — and Why You Need Both

I'm a career mentor, I help people create fulfilling and successful lives and careers.  Obviously, I'm a big proponent of mentoring.  A great mentor can really help you move ahead. Besides mentors however, you also need sponsors.  Sponsors are senior people ... [Continue Reading]

How to Explain a Low GPA in a Job Interview

A low GPA can be difficult to overcome when you're looking for a job.  Sometimes you will get screened out by a computer before you ever can make your case in an interview. But when you secure an interview, don't let a low GPA derail your chances of getting ... [Continue Reading]

Job Hunting Tips for Older Workers

Most of my career mentoring clients are young professionals.  However, I have a few who are boomers -- just like me.  People over 55 sometimes have a very difficult time finding a job -- even though they are hard working and have great experience. My ... [Continue Reading]

Work Habits That Will Help You Get Ahead in Your Career

Your work habits say a lot about you. This presentation has some excellent habits you'll want to develop if you want to move ahead in your career. Your career mentor, Bud PS: You can download a free copy of my latest eBook Career Success Rx at ... [Continue Reading]

What to Do If You’re Bored at Work

Being bored at work sucks. Before I became a career mentor, I had a corporate job.  I made good money, was secure and lived in New York City, a pretty sweet deal.  Problem is, I was bored.  I had too little to do.  I went through a couple of months where I ... [Continue Reading]

How to Overcome the Overqualified Problem

Recently, a few of my career mentoring clients have told me that they've lost jobs they thought they nailed in the interview.  In each case, the recruiter told them that the company liked them, but thought that they were overqualified for the position for ... [Continue Reading]

10 Words to Avoid Using on LinkedIn

I often sing the praises of LinkedIn to my career mentoring clients. LinkedIn is the best tool for building a non local network.  Good old face to face conversations are still the best way to build a local network. One of the problems with LinkedIn is ... [Continue Reading]

How to Develop Executive Presence

Recently, I’ve had a couple of my career mentoring clients tell me that they were turned down for a promotion because they lacked executive presence. The problem here is that executive presence is an ambiguous term. Many hiring managers can't do a good job ... [Continue Reading]