Good Leaders Cultivate Good Habits

In today's post, my friend Sam Cyrus shares his thoughts on the importance of good habits and leadership. When you are in a leadership position, your employees are evaluating your competence as a leader with every decision you make. The success of your ... [Continue Reading]

Consider These Ideas to Become a Part-Time Entrpreneur

Best-selling books and Shark Tank manifestos would have you believe that being an entrepreneur is an all-or-nothing proposition. Either you're just another sad rat in the race or you've broken off your chains to dedicate yourself 100 percent to your ... [Continue Reading]

4 Reasons Why an MBA in Technology is a Great Career Move

As a technology professional, one of the best ways to advance you career is to get a masters of business administration degree in technology. With this degree, you will be able to get a position in upper level management and help lead the technology department ... [Continue Reading]

How to Create the Perfect Resume for a Tech Job

Today I have a guest post from Hannah Whittenly... Looking for a tech job after college or during a career change can be difficult. Technology professionals face stiff competition and high job requirements. Here are some ideas to help tech pros improve the ... [Continue Reading]

5 Ideas for Getting Out of a Dead End Job

At one point, you may have been excited about the job you have today but as you grew as a person and as time went on, you may have found your job isn't exactly what you want it to be anymore. If you feel your job or position is sucking out your soul and you ... [Continue Reading]

Developing the Leadership Skills You Need to Succeed

No matter what your life is like, everyone can benefit from developing leadership skills. Even if you are not in charge of managing others in your business life, developing better leadership skills can help balance your personal life. You will command respect ... [Continue Reading]

Want Your Resume to Shine? Quantify Your Accomplishments

Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 brings you an abundance of peace, health, happiness and prosperity. Today, I have some advice for 2017 job seekers. The biggest single piece of advice I have when it comes to resumes is simple: quantify your ... [Continue Reading]

First Impressions Count

First impressions matter, especially for your upcoming job or college interview. The fate of your acceptance or career hangs in the balance upon that first handshake. You certainly want to put your best foot forward and impress, surpassing your college or job ... [Continue Reading]

Talent and Personality: What It Takes to Be a Leader in Any Career

When a business needs to fill a position, it can be tough for a hiring manager to find exactly the right person. Sadly, this is partially due to the fact that so many individuals lack certain skills that are highly valued in various positions. In fact, a ... [Continue Reading]

Fast Company’s Top 10 Business Books of 2016

Fast Company has released its top 10 business books of the year. You can see the annotated list here. "Grit" was my favorite.  What's yours? Happy Holidays. May 2017 bring you peace, health, happiness and prosperity. Your career mentor, Bud ... [Continue Reading]